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moon blossem april s copy.png


What do Moths Dream april 22 4 s-0.png

Last Night

Royal C 2.jpg

Circling the Moon

Moth dreamsApril22 2 copy.png

What do Moths Dream?

Apiary Serenade May 22 2 s copy.jpg

Easter Basket Musings

cosmos under the sea May 22 s.jpg

Education from the Cosmos

Apiary Serenade May 22 3s copy.jpg

Seasonal Nostalgia

Apiary Serenade May 22 1 s copy.jpg

Seasonal Nostalgia in April

Summer Rains

Tropical Magic May 22 s.jpg
hazy hot and humid copy.jpg

Warm Breeze

Cosmo 1 April 22.tif
greenapril 2s-0.png


Slip into Sleep

Blue eye April 22 s-3.png

The Eyes of the Moon

The promise of the moon April 22 s-0.png

The Promise of the Moon

tothosewhoremain copy.jpg
forrest-tree issue April 22 s-0.png

Trees/Forest Equation

midpoint banner blue copy.JPG

Midpoint Banner (destroyed in a Hurricane)

Blue eye April 22 s copy.png

To Those Who Remained Behind

The Eyes of the Moon

jellyfish in school s copy.png
center stage April 22 s copy.png
The Way I'd Thought it Would be May 22 s copy.jpg
greenblanket s.tif
Twist May 22 s.jpg

Jellyfish in School

Center Stage

The Way I thought It'd Be

summer rains April 22 s-1.png
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